Dreams Do Come True

Becoming a professional Manchester makeup artist has always been my dream, and I am finally living it. I got my first job a year ago doing makeup for a local fashion show. One of the directors pulled me aside and and told me I did good work and she would be contacting me. I thought nothing of it but a month later she called me asking me if I was book for March 15, I was not. The company hosting the show payed for hotel, food ,and plane ticket. The show was everything I expected and more, I even got a private Janae, a multi-platinum songstress. My first assignment will be her world tour that starts in June, I am so excited. Not only do enjoy what I do, I am getting paid to travel the world while doing it.

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Mined Halite

Well some of you may have guessed the subject of today’s lesson, but for others the topic is rock salt. It’s a mineral form of sodium chloride and sister to regular table salt we use every day except the crystals are much larger. This type of salt is typically colorless and white as snow, but can often be blue, orange, purple, pink or red in color. Most often it is used to sprinkle on roads and drive ways when they are icy. Salt keeps water from freezing and allows water to get colder before it turns to ice which is why you’ll find it spread on many highways during inclement weather.

The professional name is called “halite” and although it’s mined, it may not be pure in that original form. Even though the rock form of salt can be edible, it’s not recommended.
People also use this salt in aquariums.

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