Duping Texts in Skyrim for Fun and Profit

So I’d been playing the PC title Skyrim for a while and I soon began to notice that you could interact with every storekeeper’s records. However, while you, as the player, are given some hint as to being able to interact with the books, you can’t just do so willy-nilly. Eventually I discovered that such things become available to your character after you gain membership into the Thieves’ Guild of Riften.

After slogging through the “Ratways” of Riften and passing your initiation quest, you can begin acting as an agent of skullduggery and backstabbing. Getting back to my story, one of the quests to gain promotion within the guild involves manipulating a few stores’ records. By going to certain businesses and analyzing their records, you would then NCR books, slip the altered copies in their place, and finish by bringing the legitimate copies back for the guild.

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Golf Can Be Frustrating

Golf can be one of the most confounding games on the planet. One day, a player can shoot 78. The next day, the same player can barely break 100. Even pros have problems. While pros actually like to play out of a silica sand bunker as long as the ball is not buried, many weekend hackers hate the sand.

One of the worst examples is a player who hit into the sand off the tee on a 143-yard par 3. His second shot stayed in the bunker. His second shot went from the front left bunker to a sand trap behind the green. Back and forth this golfer went. What should have been a relatively easy three or four on the score cared quickly turned into an 11 with seven of the shots taken from the sand around the green. It definitely does not get much worse than that when playing golf.

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My Life Just Got Easier

I work as a receptionist for a Doctor and we haven’t upgraded to a fully automated receipting system yet. Because of this, we still have to manually write receipts for our patients and make a copy for ourselves. Ever since we started using NCR pads my life has gotten so much easier. We write the receipt once, give a copy to the patient, keep a copy for our records, and have a back-up copy for our accountant. It feels amazing to finally be free of our dependence on the copy machine for our office to run smoothly from day to day. I’m even thinking about getting a set for my home office since they’re so affordable. Then I can keep better track of my personal finances as well.

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How Do I Spell What?

As a teacher of younger children, you never really know what to expect. Children can amaze with their intellect and memory, or leave you marveling at their thought process. Or, they can choose to simply act as though they forgot how to think, leaving you in stitches and bewildered.

A few years ago, while working with a third grade class in reading and writing, I organized the class into small groups called a circus skills workshop. Like a three ring circus, the groups had three stages to complete a story. At each stage of the workshop, they were instructed to complete a different phase of each groups fictional story.
I noticed one group was taking a long time at the “topic ring” and were arguing about something. As I approached them, and asked what the problem was, one of the children turned to me and asked “How do you spell P.E.?”.

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A Time to Myself

In any home, Bolton bathrooms need to be inviting to everyone living in the home and to those who visit the home. After moving into our new home our bathroom was the least inviting room in the whole house. There was old worn out wall paper, the flooring in the bathroom was moldy and wet. The bathtub, sink and toilet were so old and outdated that the best thing to do was to do a complete renovation. With working full time and taking care of children and not having the knowledge or physical stamina to do the renovating ourselves, we decided to hire a professional renovation team.

They came to inspect our bathroom and we talked about what we wanted that was within our budget. A new floor was put down and the water problem was resolved, we picked out colors of paint, a new sink, toilet and bathtub for relaxing.

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Do as I Say

I had the best time of my life at Hong Kong hotels when I was younger. I went on two class trips there and both times were absolutely amazing. My best friend at the time and I roomed together both times and had a wild time. We snuck out of the hotel numerous times to go check out the night life and we never got caught. Being a parent now I cringe when I think about my children doing the same thing. I know it is normal curiosity but I seriously hope they do not follow in my footsteps. I was not exactly a “good” child. But I guess all I can do is discipline them appropriately and hope that they do as I say and not as I do. Famous words of my father.

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Dreams Do Come True

Becoming a professional Manchester makeup artist has always been my dream, and I am finally living it. I got my first job a year ago doing makeup for a local fashion show. One of the directors pulled me aside and and told me I did good work and she would be contacting me. I thought nothing of it but a month later she called me asking me if I was book for March 15, I was not. The company hosting the show payed for hotel, food ,and plane ticket. The show was everything I expected and more, I even got a private Janae, a multi-platinum songstress. My first assignment will be her world tour that starts in June, I am so excited. Not only do enjoy what I do, I am getting paid to travel the world while doing it.

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